Boat Search Continues….

perfect-stormThe hunt for the right blue water capable sailboat for our family continues.  What is a blue water sailboat, you might ask?  It is a sailboat designed to cross oceans.  No, make that safely cross oceans.   The “safety” part is real big with my husband and I.   We want a boat that will take whatever Neptune throws at her.  Well, within reason.  I just remembered the end of the movie, The Perfect Storm.  Banish the thought of rouge waves, and let’s get back to the topic of buying the right boat.

11143295_10204312880322603_7261886614980938312_nSo far, our boat search has taken us to Florida for a week long, mad dash around the state looking at all types of potential sailboats.

Then we decided to treat young Ethan to a Disney Cruise from Miami to San Diego by way of the Panama Canal.  Yes, that’s right- Ethan gets Mickey, and we get to experience an engineering wonder.   That was fair.  Plus, we all had a blast on the cruise.  On the right is dear Ethan all dressed up for pirate night.  He makes an adorable pirate I might add.

Once we arrived to San Diego, the Southern Cal part of the boat search began.  We saw one boat we really liked, however, we waited too long to make an offer and someone else bought it the next day.   Oh well, live and learn.

This boat search trip was very helpful despite the disappointment of not acting fast enough and missing out.  This philosopher in me says it wasn’t the right boat for us.  However, we did learn what makes and model of boat we like and dislike for our offshore sailboat.

So what’s next?  We are narrowing down our search, working with our broker, and a trip back to Florida is in my future.    Stay tuned!!  Hugs, Carla

8 thoughts on “Boat Search Continues….

  1. Wishing you safe travels in your quest…….aargh!!!!!! Ethan is totally the best looking pirate ever!!!!!! I look forward to your victorious “ship found!” post!!!!!

    • Hi Roberta, the main criteria is center cockpit, fin keel with skeg hung rubber, lots of tankage. The J/42 is a lovely boat, but doesn’t meet what we are looking for. 🙂 Is that the boat you own?

  2. Hi Carla,
    It was great meeting and chatting with you on the flight to Sac on 7/2! I just signed up and look forward to following your blog and adventures!

    • Hi Patti, We did have a enjoyable chat, didn’t we? Made the flying time go by. I fly back out to FL for the boat survey in the coming week. More later on that. Hope all is well with you.

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