Digital Design Draft

I like to draw on my tablet PC while watching TV in the evenings.  The following designs are first draft, meaning that I will go back and clean them up, and work with them further.

First I drew the center of the design:


Then, I decided to add more framing:


Will let you know how the design progresses and changes as I work with it more.

Take care, Carla


9 thoughts on “Digital Design Draft

  1. OH MAN! I love love that! and totally agree with Treadlemusic! I want to go quilt it right now! Between this and the pictures that Lisa Calle just put up of her MQX class I want to play hookie from work and go play!!!

    • Steam, I say play hookey and play! Life is too short. 🙂 On another subject, have I told you that my DH loves steam trains too? Have been to many a train museum, including the British National Museum, and the California Train Museum a few dozen times!

      Good to hear from you!

    • Kaye, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Once you learn how to work with a tablet and a stylist in a clever program like Photoshop Elements, then it is actually easy to do. My friends at runs photoshop design classes for quilters if you or any other reader are interested.

  2. Just love your work! Just found you yesterday. I have been reading your blog and I think it is great in what you are doing. I love what you are doing in Photoshop with the mice design. I am going to take some classed on Photoshop. You are such an inspiration!

    • What a nice comment! People will think I paid you to say that- 😀

      Have fun drawing and designing! I took both Photoshop and Illustrator at a local college. Both were fun classes! Very useful, too.

      Right now my creativity is busy getting the boat refitted- which is a nice way of saying remodeled so I like it. Then we are sailing off to tropical islands. In South Florida now.

      Follow your heart- and have fun! Hugs, Carla

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