Digital Designing Process

Hello, I thought I would give you a sneak peek into how I come up with designs that I plan to turn into machine quilting designs on my Tablet PC.

I open Photoshop Elements and create a new document.  I just start sketching freehand style and erase any designs that seem not to work.  I do not worry about the lines if they are wobbly at this point, since I know I will redraw and edit lines later on in this digital format.

If I am designing a small wholecloth design, often I will just draw a section of the quilt, then copy, paste and flip to make a square shape.  I love to work digitally.

carlamotif1Here is my quick sketch design, with color added just for fun:


Now it is time to redraw and edit the design.  I know that the center is rather boring, so will adjust that.  I will also edit some other lines, too.   Sometimes, I will redraw a design multiple times, until it flows for me.



cbelegascrolltropHere is what my first edit looks like.  Again, I added color just for fun:

At this point, I can edit further, or pull out individual elements that could make nice simpler designs all on their own.  These designs can later become part of a larger set of designs.


Breaking down the larger design into smaller designs also allows me to play with the idea of creating matching borders, sashings, corners, etc.  Here is an example of a smaller design from the larger quilt design: scroll border panto

Anyhow, this gives you a general idea for how I work.  I plan to redraw these designs and fine tune the stitch path for commercial application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Happy Quilting!  Carla

4 thoughts on “Digital Designing Process

  1. You are such an inspiration Carla! I have always loved the way you work and still benefit from the class I took from you a few years ago.
    I started coming up with designs after taking it and do enjoy it so much. IF… that’s a big if…. I ever want to do something more with them (than use them my self), how do you get them professionally digitized? I have a simple program (5D Quilt Design) which works for my simple quilting set up (Phaff 18.8 and Quilt Artist) but I imagine the digitized designs I buy must be done another way…where is a good place to start?

  2. I love your designs! Safe sailing! I’d love to take your class on using a tablet and designing when you get back, so please add me to your email eclass list!

    • Hi Diana, I am home for the summer and may offer a class on tablet and designing. Are you familiar with Photoshop Elements? What tablet do you own now? Go ahead and write me through my contact page and we can talk. 🙂

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