cartoon by Carla Barrett

cartoon by Carla Barrett

This week, America celebrates National Adoption Day to focus attention on children who need a forever family. These children are often born into situations not of their own making. They are the innocent participants of choices their biological parents make- or don’t make.

Grandparents of a child born into difficult circumstances have a decision to make. They can choose to ignore the child and situation completely, pretending the birth never happened. Or, they may proactively intervene to protect an innocent child from harm.

My husband, Joe, and I chose to intervene and do whatever it took to protect our darling grandson, Ethan, now age 3 1/2. We have cared for Ethan from birth, and then took steps to become his legal guardians. Once you have been the legal guardian for 2 years in our particular state (California), you may then petition for adoption, if you so choose.  We hired an adoption specialist attorney and filed last July.

On November 17, 2014, the Court finalized our adoption of Ethan, and I am so happy to announce this event publicly. He is such a wonderful blessing to Joe and I, and we love him so much! Below are some favorite photos of Ethan taken this year:



Joe and I look forward to raising Ethan and providing for him a safe, stable, loving home environment in the years to come.    I hope you have enjoyed our adoption announcement and meeting Ethan.    Hugs, Carla

47 thoughts on “Adoption!

  1. As an adoptee myself, your story has special significance!! Congratulations on legally making this darling little boy your son! You will be the best parents for him!!! Enjoy the love!!!!!

  2. What a true blessing for you and Joe AND for little Ethan. He is a very lucky little boy to find such a wonderful couple to love him and help him grow into a responsible adult. I know he will bring joy to you and those around him. Looking at the cute pictures makes me want to give him a big squeeze and kiss on those cute little cheeks. I know he will keep you two young trying to keep up with him. Enjoy.

    • Hi Dar, visiting MO next month. Just bought Ethan snow boots, pants, gloves and the rest for the trip. It would be fun to meet in town somewhere. 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words. 🙂

    • He LOVED jumping on the trampoline. 🙂 Did you see we were upgraded to a brand new 40 Lagoon on the trip? Way cool! Feb is when we start looking for our next sailboat.

  3. I volunteer with the Rainbow Room, a group that helps children in Child Protective Services. There are SO many grandparents raising their grandchildren these days. They step in and assume the role of caretaker because they see the need, before CPS ever gets involved. These children are the lucky ones. I applaud you.

    • Carol, so wonderful of you to volunteer with the Rainbow Room! Sounds like a worthwhile organization.

      In my past, I was a CASA volunteer for many years in my county, so I understand how the system works. Joe and I knew that we would need to step in to avoid the foster care system for Ethan. It was the right thing to do in our circumstance.

      There are grandparent caregiver support organizations becoming more available as grandparents raising grandchildren becomes more prevalent. This is a good thing. 🙂

    • Joy and Meg, yes, we are blessed. At first, getting up with an infant while balancing work life was a challenge, but it all worked out eventually and we got the sleep we needed. The upside is that you have previous parenting experience and are much calmer, more patient.

      Ethan is so much fun and curious at this age. Right now, he wants to watch videos about mosquitoes because we all had mosquito bites during our trip. LOL

  4. So exciting for everyone! Ethan is one lucky little boy and you and Joe are two very special people. Very best wishes to the three of you!

    • Thanks, Alycia! After running around after a toddler, I sure feel every one of my years! I just turned 56, and I plan to grow old as gracefully as I can. LOL

  5. Карла и Джо!!! Поздравляю!!! У вас прекрасная счастливая семья!!!Удачи и радости вашей жизни!!!

      • Dear Charla!

        Thank you for your answer. I also have a grandson, who will soon turn 3 years. I am very happy that we have he. So I understand you and your feelings. I always read your blog because I also do patchwork. I have a Longarm too . I have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much

      • Elena, I would love to see pictures of your grandson, do you have a blog or website? Also would love to see your quilting, too. 🙂 Carla

  6. Congratulations on you adoption of Ethan. I’m so happy everything has turned out so well for Ethan and you and Joe.
    I volunteer making quilts for foster kids. I can only hope theirs stories turn out so well. 🙂

  7. How wonderful that Ethan has you and Joe. It sounds like he has blessed your life too. We are going through a similar situation for our grandson, Zahn (he’s one year old now). We feel he’s a blessing to our life too. Right now my husband and I are working with CPS to try to get him placed with us. The paternal grandmother also wants him so it’s been a challenge in many ways. It’s nice that he’s wanted by both her and us but it’s also stressful hoping the best situation for Zahn’s long-term welfare is recognized by CPS. I hope and pray that our situation will turn out as well as yours has.

  8. Ethan is a lucky boy to have grandparents who can care for him. We adopted our children from Brazil in our mid 30’s. Parenting when you’re older is easier because you have experience and wisdom, but more challenging in a physical sense. I’m exhausted when I care for my grandkids 24/7! I’m also about 8 years older than you which is a big difference. I wish you joy in all you endeavor.

    • Jeanne, yes, you nailed it exactly! So much calmer when you have experience, but the physical is much harder now than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. The days/nights I have all the grandkids visiting at once is rewarding, but sure does wipe me out. 🙂

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