Tropical Dreams

Picture this….warm turquoise water, white sand beaches, coral and tropical aquarium underwater views through my snorkeling mask.

Or how about this…. the sails filled with wind on a beam reach as the catamaran sailboat glides effortlessly through the water towards the island shore.

380That will be our reality shortly when we bareboat charter a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) again.  Joe, Ethan and I will be flying to St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, then boarding a ferry to the island of Tortola in the BVI.  A cab ride from the ferry dock to the east side of Tortola, and we will board the Lagoon 380 catamaran, which is a double-hulled sailboat (see picture, above).  Here is the layout of the boat, shown right:

Lagoon380saloonAs sailboats go, it is quite spacious, especially when compared to a monohull sailboat.  You have a main salon, consisting of a kitchen, dining table, and navigation station.

lagoon380_2You also have several staterooms, here is a typical view of one, shown below.

I have lost count of how many bareboat charters we have done.  A charter is considered a “bareboat” when you act in the capacity as captain and crew.  In this case, that would be Joe and I.  Ethan will be wearing a special offshore Personal Floatation  Device (PFD) and tether for safety while underway.  You would be surprised how often we get asked about how we keep 3 year old Ethan safe while sailing, especially when we are both busy at the helm and raising sails, anchoring or picking up a mooring ball.

bvibeachThis trip will be our way of introducing Ethan to a more extended sailing.  Previously, he has only experienced day sails on our current sailboat, SV Sea Glass, an O’Day 23.  We will soon be selling our O’Day 23 and  purchasing a much larger sailboat in early 2015, a bluewater cruiser sailboat about 42-49 feet in size.



Marina Cay, BVI

Chartering in the BVI is fun, relaxing, and there is lots to do and see.  You wake up in the morning and decide where you want to sail and do that day. Above is a map of the island group that makes up the BVI.  I plan to do a lot of snorkeling, sailing, beachcombing, and swimming during our trip.   Watch for my trip report when I get back!   Fair Winds, Carla

16 thoughts on “Tropical Dreams

  1. Praying for your safety. Have a wonderful trip/vacation. We do a lot of camping, but I think your method of transportation is more daring & perhaps fun 🙂 Not to mention the beautiful surroundings. Enjoy yourselves 🙂

  2. JEALOUS!!! One of these days, we’ll get back out there again…you have to post a LOT about the new boat!!!! Fabulous…and Ethan will have the time of his life!

    • I was actually thinking of you and your boat in the Bahamas. I am still in awe that you went cruising with the man and kids- and with the “go simple, go now” philosophy. Also following what is going on in your part of the world, too.

      I plan to create a new blog for the sailboat when we start searching. Any advice? We do want a center cockpit boat, very seaworthy.

    • Love your question, Teddie! This trip we are day sailing between the islands, then before dark, we find a spot to either anchor or moor.

      On offshore bluewater sailing passages, you need to stand watches so that someone is always at the helm. When you talk about a cruising couple with only a crew of 2, that means you have to find a schedule that works, some do 3 hours on, 3 hours off, or 4 on, 4 off, etc. This can really impact your sleep. This trip, we will not have any overnight passages. 🙂

    • Leeanne, it is a stunning place to visit. Takes a day or two to acclimate to the heat, or we can just jump in the water to cool down. Taking an underwater camera with me, too. 🙂

  3. Hi Carla,
    Not sure if you remember me or not, but I follow you and also had a J-42. Prior to getting the boat, I did a bareboat charter of a 50′ sailboat in the BVI. Isn’t it a great time? I love, love island hopping. I’m sure you’ve been to the Baths. What I really enjoyed was dropping anchor and seeing all the relics under the boat – old cannons, cannonballs, etc. Have a GREAT time!!
    — Roberta Breuer (Bob)

    • Hi Roberta, of course I remember you. Yes, done the Baths a few times, it is fun place to visit. We are also visiting Anegada, I really want to see the pink flamingo colony there.
      Did you spend lots of time aboard your J-42? Would love to know more about your sailing adventures! 🙂

      • Several trips to Catalina Island as well as along the southern California coast. My boating partner and I split up and unfortunately, he let the boat go to the bank. Long and very expensive story for me. Glad you’ve enjoyed your BVI trip!! I really love island hopping, whether on a boat or a plane!! So happy you got there again!!

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