Back From AU!

I had a blast teaching in Adelaide, AU at their Australian Machine Quilting Festival.  I met so many wonderful quilters and artists while I was there!   Here is where Adelaide is, located in South Australia:

adelaide1 I had several nice flights from my home in Northern CA to Adelaide.  Admittedly, it took me well over a day of travel to get there, but arrived safe and sound to my hotel, which was close to the show venue at the Adelaide Convention Center.

What impressed me the most was how incredibly friendly all the students and people I met were.  Judging by my class feedback, they liked me, too!  🙂  It was fun to meet students I had previously “met” online through social media in person.  I loved teaching at this show, and show owners Tracey Browning and Sharon Parkinson were so welcoming, and frankly amazing women for all their hard work on this show.

It was also a blast seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a few years.  This includes Jamie Wallen, Tracey Browning, and her talented sister, Helen Stubbings.   I also met some other teachers for the first time: Cathy Wiggins, Cristyn Merry, Michelle Pearson, Helen Godden, Vicki Jenkins, and Judi Madsen.

More to follow, including photos of quilts I saw.  There was a special exhibit featuring the amazing work of Pam Holland.  I was blown away by her thread play and creativity, plus her lecture at the Charity Gala was quite inspiring!  Stay Tuned!  Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “Back From AU!

  1. Carla~~
    So glad to hear you are home safely from down under! What a terrific experience, I’m sure…one that will be in your memory banks forever. We’re glad you decided not to stay! lol
    Many hugs,

  2. Great to see you have arrived home safely Carla and had a great time at AMQF. It was wonderful to meet you in person, having known you online for so many years. Your enthusiasm for your art is contagious. Hugs, Lizzy

    • Lizzy, what a treat to finally put a face to your online name!! We have been online friends for almost a decade now. LOL! Such a treat to met you in person!!

  3. Carla , i really enjoyed your class and will treasure the quilted piece i won as “door prize” . I am the one that demo’d my method of burying threads. Thank you for making the journey and hope you get back . My husband says if you sail into Adelaide be sure and let us know he can arrange a guest mooring for you at “The Squadron” (RSAYS)

    • Hi Sheila, thank you for your wonderful instruction during class! That was awesome! Tell your husband I sad “Thank YOU!” and will certainly take him -and you- up on that offer. I can’t wait until we have more time to properly see Adelaide and the surrounding countryside. We will show up eventually, first stop once we leave the US is Mexico, then we head south from there. 🙂 It was wonderful to meet you and have you in class!

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