Avoiding The Oops Class

oopsclassI’m completing the finishing touches on this new, fun class- which is all about the things that can go wrong while you are quilting. It is a topic near and dear to my heart because, let’s face it, we all make mistakes.  So far, my list of quilting oops has grown to over 155 different things that can go wrong for a machine quilter.

I will be teaching this new class in early October in Adelaide, Australia at the AU Machine Quilting Festival.   If you plan to attend this show, I do hope you will sign up and join me.  🙂  We will be identifying all the things that can go wrong, and teaching ways to avoid the issue and fix it, if it is fixable.  Thankfully, most things can indeed be repaired in machine quilting.

dragonflyquiltThis photo on the left shows a guild opportunity quilt I quilted.  Unfortunately, the oops in this case was a strong volunteer, who while hanging the quilt on a metal frame while selling tickets, caught the quilt on a screw and ripped through all layers.  The beaded/fiber art dragonfly artfully covers the front tear, while the hanging sleeve hides the repair patch on the back.  I made 3 dragonflies for this quilt and turned a disaster around with extra embellishments.

What is your favorite Oops repair?   Happy Quilting, Carla




5 thoughts on “Avoiding The Oops Class

  1. Hope you will be teaching in Southern California sometime. As a newish longarm quilter, I’m sure there will be some “oops” along the way for me. Tension issues are my current oops and I haven’t figured out any way to fix except to rip, rip, rip.

  2. Wow Carla, that sounds like more of a teary sobstory rather than just an oops! What a save you managed though. The poor person who did the tear though, I bet he or she has never been near a quilt since! Hope you have a fantastic time teaching and I look forward to reading your blog all about it on your return. Love Suzy

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