Carla Purse

Thought I would show you a purse I made awhile back.  This is a variation from a past Lori and Carla Creative Adventure Week.  My friend, Lori, showed me how to make this bag, and I have made several over the years.

bag by Carla Barrett

bag by Carla Barrett


This bag was made on a DSM machine, but you could make it with a stand up quilting system like a longarm.  This is one of those fun projects that just make you happy to look at.  🙂   Happy sewing!  Carla

12 thoughts on “Carla Purse

  1. Very cute little purse. I love all the bright colors and embellishments with the black and whites. I’d be so chic carrying something like this. Are you going to do a tutorial or pattern anytime?

  2. The purse is darling. But what I REALLY wanna know is… on earth did you make those fabulous curved flower petals? Love it!

  3. Mo, the flower technique I am teaching in a fabric crochet class at the AU Machine Quilting Festival in October, 2014, which doesn’t quite help you if you live outside of AU. Since Lori showed me how to do this purse, meaning it is not my original pattern, I will ask her how she learned? I have been doing my version of this pattern for about 10 years. Stay Tuned!

    Meanwhile, it is a cute purse, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Also interested in a pattern for this cute bag. I am not a lover of big bags as most are in the shops. This is perfect and so versatile. The cute flower adds a beautiful finishing touch.

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