Another Modern Quilting Design Release!

I was searching over at Digitech Patterns today, and I noticed this one design looked really familiar.  Then I saw my name on it, the the gears fell into place!  I drew this one when I quilted that modern quilt for Lynn B.  I had actually forgotten about it.  LOL  It is called Modern Texture and it is found here.

modern texture by Carla Barrett

modern texture by Carla Barrett

It is a pantograph design, so it is quilted large.   Smart quilters will notice that it is currently 50% off, which is something that Digitech does with new designs.  If you like it, buy it now as who know when the special sale is over.  🙂

Watch soon for a new quilt reveal.  I have been quilting like mad to finish a quilt for Teddie, who lives in Montana.  This one came out really nice!  I am finishing up with all the SID right now.  Stay tuned!


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