Another Quilt Design

Here is another digital quilt from my tablet:

digital quilt by Carla Barrett

digital quilt by Carla Barrett

Here it is colored:

digital quilt design by Carla Barrett

digital quilt design by Carla Barrett


colorpalette2Like other digital quilts, I took my color palette from a photo, then sampled different colors out of the picture and made a color palette.  Here is the one I made for the above quilt, then decided to go minimalist with the final quilt coloring.

That’s all for today!  This week, my grandson has a childhood illness, one that has no immunization.  He has been very uncomfortable, which means no quilting!    Take care!  Carla





6 thoughts on “Another Quilt Design

  1. I am starting to admit that your way is better than my pencil and paper 🙂 Will have to upgrade the computer, look at a tablet, etc. the designs look wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Jean, thanks for your comment! The strength of my method is the ability to easily edit, erase, redraw, and also copy and paste. You can then save it in a format, then import into other programs for other uses, too.

      My article on buying a tablet is now 2 years out of date, so have been thinking of writing a new one. Would that be helpful?

      • Yes, Carla, it would be helpful. I have read it more than once but with windows 8 I wonder about using a touch screen instead of the Wacom. Not sure how that would work or if it would. Definitely need to go that direction

      • Hi Jean, I am putting the finishing touches on the first post of a several part series on Tablets for Quilters. Part 1 discusses Tablet types and focuses on the first decision a quilter should make- what operating system do they want to fit their design and creative needs? I do discuss Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 in the post. (Preview opinion: I do not recommend Windows 8 for several reasons, which are fixed in 8.1)

    • Hi Lenore, good to hear from you again! Would love to see what you create, I remember your class Creative Exercises were excellent! Hugs, Carla

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