Return of Godzilla

My husband informs me that a new Godzilla movie is being released this Friday, and he is trying to get me to attend with him.  Like many adults in my age bracket, we grew up watching those cheesy, but strangely addicting, black and white Godzilla movies.

I have another past connection to Godzilla, too.  Back in the early to mid 1990’s, I used to teach paper and rubber stamping arts.  Then, I started drawing designs for a couple of companies.  One of my design series, which was bought by Viva Las Vegastamps, features Godzilla.  You can actually buy them still.  For some strange reason, I thought it would be funny at the time to draw up some Godzilla stamps.  🙂

I remember drawing these with pen and paper, and the end result looks rather amateurish to me now, but still funny:

Godzilla stamp by Carla Barrett (mid 1990's)

Godzilla stamp by Carla Barrett (mid 1990’s)












For some odd reason, I also drew Godzilla’s foot (Godzilla experts will note that I drew the three toe foot version), probably so people could stomp things with the stamp- like Tokyo, or buildings.  That sounds like a good, solid reason to draw Godzilla’s foot, right? :









4072There is even a Godzilla Fan Club stamp.  Here it is to show you that I am not kidding.

Anyone else reading this post go through a rubber stamp phase and remember now defunct companies like ReMaRkAbLe stamps, Ken Brown stamps, and the Carson show?

Now that I am into quilting, perhaps I need to make a Godzilla quilt?  Then again, maybe not. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Return of Godzilla

  1. LOL! Many memories of Saturday afternoon TV with the English-dubbed Japanese Sci-Fi movies!!!!! Godzilla was a definite fave!!! Many $$$$ in rubber stamp supplies reside in a corner of my sewing area!!! Quilting takes priority these days!!!!!

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