Sprocket Pattern Release!

Announcing the release of my latest quilting design at Digitech Patterns.  Even better, if you act now, it is 50% off for a short period of time.  Here is the design:

Design by Carla Barrett; available at Digitech Patterns.

Design by Carla Barrett; available at Digitech Patterns.

Regular blog readers may remember the quilt that this design was drawn for:


As you can see, this is the perfect design for modern quilts, Native American, Aztec, also masculine themed quilts, too.  It is one of those very simple to use and forgiving designs for computerized users.  Here, I have drawn it being used as a panto design, too. ( I lifted the picture from an earlier post, hence the wording) :


If you do not have a computerized quilting system, then Digitech also sells this pattern in paper format, too.

I always get so excited when a new design is released.  I have lots more designs coming, plus a wonderful whole cloth design set, too.    Enjoy your weekend!  Carla


4 thoughts on “Sprocket Pattern Release!

  1. That is so cool! I loved it in the quilt you showed a while back and even more now! I don’t have a long arm (a Sweet 16/sit-down here) so will hope to see others creatively use this motif!!!! I just know this will be a popular one….especially for those hard to do “guy” quilts!!!!

    • Thanks, I always love it when a new design gets released. Jessica is so busy, so I just wait patiently. I was able to digitize for my own use several designs yesterday I am doing for my next project- a wholecloth. Enjoy your weekend!

      • Today is a sunshiny perfect day (rain won’t move in til much later!!!). Can’t believe that we’re this far into May already!!!
        Your designs so “click” with me and I’m so challenged to adapt them to my “sit-down” Sweet 16 machine quilting. Thanks for all the great inspiration!!!! Hugs……………………

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