Sailboat Themed Bedroom

I mentioned yesterday that I am putting together a new bedroom decor for my 3 year old grandson, Ethan.  He loves boats, so a nautical themed bedroom is what I plan create for him.  Why don’t you come along for the journey?

This decorating adventure should be fun.  I plan to purchase some items, and some decor accessories will be DIY projects.

Pottery Barn Bed

Pottery Barn Bed

Let’s start with the focal point of the room, which is a very cool sailboat bed.  I first saw this Pottery Barn boat bed, however, it does cost between $1500-2000 US, plus $100-200 shipping.  That seems like a lot of money to spend on a child’s bed, so my first goal was to find a more reasonable, less costly alternative.

After an internet search, I found the right bed to meet our needs. bed bed


I found a similar boat bed on for only $395.99 US, shipping included.  Still unique, plus I save oodles of cash.  The mattress is too high in the picture, so will overcome that issue when we put it together.

I happen to already have some twin mattresses from one of my kids, which is in excellent shape, so the mattresses will cost me $0.

I did purchase a couple of items on sale at Pottery Barn- including this fabric nautical map swag valance to hang behind the bedimg90t.   I also found 3 metal anchor hooks- two red and a blue.  I didn’t buy the white one shown in the photo as I felt the light color looked washed out.img94c

Next, I turn my attention to the wall.  I did find this very large nautical map, which would take up pretty much the entire main wall.

Now, let’s move onto accessories and things I plan to make.

The first item I plan to create will be a large sail with appliqued details for the wall just above the bed.  The photo is below.

dc52b2bef34760f191a0941ea9a29d56This is a project found on the Joann’s website, it is amazing all the DIY gems you can find online if you really hunt for them.

Anyway, I thought this would be a fabulous DIY project to make for the room.

Btw ,notice the curved top white treasure chest in the photo, shown left.  I found a similar one and thought it would be fun to paint or add painted details to use as a toy bin.

FlagsI also purchased some decorative sailboat pennant flags, too.  Not sure yet where I will use them in the room, but these are very cool.  Besides hanging them up as pennants, I could also frame some that spell out Ethan’s name, too.

imagesSpeaking of flags, another DIY project would be to paint some wood rectangles  to resemble nautical flags.  il_570xN.431601296_n829

Or, check out this piece of lumber, painted with Latitude and Longitude coordinates?

life-preserver-throw-pillowI have also purchased a number of pillows, but this red life ring one from Land of Nod is my favorite.

il_570xN_353980875_py6fHere is another etsy DIY inspiration.  I think the cleats are a nice touch, too.

As for a quilt, I plan to eventually made a scrappy sail boat quilt for Ethan.  I liked the look of the quilt shown in the bottom photo- which has been pieced by

There is something happy about this cute quilt, I think it works because it is so scrappy.

That should give you idea for what Ethan’s room will look like. Well, at least in theory.  Stay tuned for when this DIY room will be completed!

4 thoughts on “Sailboat Themed Bedroom

  1. SO CUTE! We just found out on Easter that we will be grandparents in Dec! I already have a few quilts planned…but not sure if there will be a theme yet. I have bookmarked the baby quilt. Can’t wait to see the room!

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