Carla Digital Tablet Quilt

Here is another one of my digital quilts, drawn and colored using my tablet.  Love taking the time to make one of these- only took an hour from start to finish.

Tablet Quilt by Carla Barrett

Tablet Quilt by Carla Barrett

Here is a slightly different version, with a different center and color way:

design by Carla Barrett

design by Carla Barrett

Take care!  Off to remodel Ethan’s bedroom now.  Did I mention that I am converting his nursery into a sailboat/nautical theme bedroom?    The bed arrived yesterday, here is what it looks like:

sailbed    I plan to make some DIY nautical decor items for his room.  His temporary quilt arrived yesterday, too.  I plan on making his permanent sailboat quilt, but until that day, I resorted to buying one for now.   More later about pulling together his room.    Cheers, Carla

13 thoughts on “Carla Digital Tablet Quilt

    • Hi Ramona, the next time I am teaching my Tablet Design class is in person at the AU Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide in early October, 2014. The e-Class, for which I shot and edited a gazillion videos for, is now outdated. The time and labor of shooting new videos, then editing them, only to have Adobe release yet another software version is frustrating.

      Hmmm…. perhaps I should convert the how-to info into booklet form? 🙂 Carla

    • Hi Carol, I own about 6 different types of tablets, however, the digital quilt was drawn on my Fujitsu Lifebook T901, which is a tablet PC convertible. Let me know if you have any questions about tablets. Take care, Carla

    • Hi Charlene, I use a number of programs depending on what I plan to do with what I am drawing. For the digital quilt shown in this post, I used a raster based program, Photoshop Elements. If I intended to enlarge it or digitize it, I would re-draw in a vector design program (like Adobe Illustrator or Art and Stitch). Hope this helps! 🙂 Carla

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