Work-in-Progress Quilt

Thought I would show you a sneak peek of the quilt I am currently working on.  This will be a special quilt for someone in Montana:

Quilting and design by Carla Barrett

Quilting and design by Carla Barrett

You can see where I am quilting in line texture fill on the outer border.  This will finish the edge off nicely and will help to ensure the quilt will hang straight when I am done.   The design was drawn for this quilt, as my latest thing is to create at least one or two new designs per quilt.  Feathers are freehanded, in case you are curious.

Promise to share other sneak peeks into how I quilted this quilt and the “why” behind my design choices.

Happy Quilting!  Carla



24 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Quilt

  1. Beautiful designs and quilting. Do you mark your quilts before quilting? what do you use to mark your quilts. Do you use two battings in your quilts? There is a lot of dimensions in the photo. Cannot wait to see it finished.

    • Hi Lenore, if you double click a couple of times to enlarge the photo, you can see some of my faint marking lines- along with the lint. For this quilt I am using an extra fine chalk marker by Bohin:

      I mark registration marks where needed, and sometimes I will sketch in feather placements if I am being really exacting. 2 batts on this baby, and it will be a 2 sided quilt when I am done. Nice thing about this extra fine chalk pencil is that it easily comes off with a damp cloth. As for the lint- I lint roll my quilts before they go home. Hugs, Carla

    • Karen, you are too funny! I was hanging out on pinterest this weekend, looking at cool quilts, and I saw several I loved! Turns out they were YOURS! Keep up the creative muse, Karen!

  2. Thank you for sharing your work. I have been following you since you were posting on MQResource. I took your quilt whispering class and that helped me greatly also.

    I have a question for you. When custom quilting a Log Cabin Barn Raising quilt, do you roll the quilt back and forth in order to quilt one line of quilting at a time, or do you quilt the visible area, stop and roll to the next area? If you stop and roll, do you bury threads or do locking stitches? I have a queen size log cabin to quilt. It’s not a show quilt, but I want to do the best job possible without wasting time or effort.

    Thanks, Judy Howard

    On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Carla Barrett

    • Hi Judy, good to hear from you! How have you been?

      Great question, by the way. If I were quilting a barn raising quilt, I quilt left to right, advance and repeat. I do this to control my quilt sandwich so it will hang straight when I am done. I know what design I will quilt in each space.

      If I do any linear line quilting, I do it one of two ways, depending on my mood- 1) either quilt lines as I go, and then I bury the threads to avoid any build-up or sign that I started and stopped. 2) or, sometimes, I leave the line work for last, then throw on my extended base and get out my rulers and have at it. Once again, I like to bury my threads unless it is a utility quilt or a child quilt that will be washed quite a bit. Then I do strong starts and stops, and hide them in a ditch or in the piecing.

      I do not roll the quilt back and forth as I quilt because doing that can change your quilt sandwich tension or thread tension and may accidentally cause issues (like pleats, sandwich tension issues, etc). If I leave any areas blank, then I will control the fabric temporarily by quilting lots of basting lines.

      I hope I have answered your question? If not, then ask again and I will help. So glad you stopped by, Judy! Happy Quilting, Carla

  3. Carla, reading all the comments and your replies….so very educational and am learning, even though I have been longarming for over 10 years, I still fell there is a lot to learn. My biggest obstacle that continually challenges me is WHAT DO I QUILT? many of my clients leave it up to me and I am always unsure of what to do. I did take your class Quilt whisperer but have failed to follow through since I am always in a rush to complete quilts. It was the absolute best class I have taken to date. Will there be more?

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