Lyn’s Quilt Finished!

I am finally done with Lyn’s beautiful and colorful modern quilt.  Lyn is one of my quilting friends, who taught me to improve my binding technique, so I wanted to do a nice quilting job for her in return.

Here is the quilt hanging on my dining room table:


For Lyn’s quilt, I wanted to maintain the visual impact of her colorful quilt, yet provide some interesting texture quilting in each colored block area.  I achieved this by using some freehand quilting designs of my own, also using some commercially purchased quilting designs, too, and finally, in some areas, I designed and digitized my own quilting designs , too.


In the image above, feature digitized quilting designs by a variety of designers, including one by Krista Withers in the blue area, this design by Jodi Robinson in the gold area, round pearl sashing in the light blue area by Jessica Schick, and the two designs in the red area are as yet to be identified.  I promise to edit when I find the designers for proper credit.


The photo above shows you a wider view of this quilt.  My eye was drawn to the red space with my sprocket design as it is was “poofing” up in the bottom left hand side, then I realized I had forgotten to stitch-in-th-ditch that block, so the quilt went back on my table to fix.  An easily correctable oops.  My fix makes the seam lay down nicely, as shown in this photo below:

SID example by Carla Barrett

SID example by Carla Barrett


I hope you enjoyed following me as I quilted Lyn’s quilt.  I am happy with the finished quilt, and know Lyn will be, too.  It lays very flat, so I was able to maintain my quilt sandwich tension correctly as well.  This means the quilt should hang very straight.

I have already started my next quilt, a lovely wallhanging for Teddie.  I promise to show you her lovely quilt when I am finished.  Meanwhile, have fun with your quilting projects!  Carla

16 thoughts on “Lyn’s Quilt Finished!

  1. What a beautiful quilt! The quilting really makes it shine. I was wondering, did you change thread color for each of the different colors of fabrics?

    • Thanks, LeeAnn! The answer to your question is yes, I took the extra time for thread changes, burying my starts and stops and SID. Here’s a Carla tip for handling thread changes- if you use the same brand of thread for each color choice, then you will not have to change your tension with each and every color change. I merely stitch a small bit off to one side to make sure the tension is perfect, then start quilting.

  2. Beautiful job quilting. I just really like this one – very much. I’m usually more traditional, but this is lovely.

  3. Lyn’s quilt and your quilting is beautiful. I’m always amazed at how many different motifs you come up with for one quilt. I never know what to quilt where and then change my mind at least a dozen times.! Your quilting is amazing.

  4. Carla, you certainly have great talent. Always love to see your quilting and the designs you come up with. Amazing. Do you have the electronics on your longarm? I have the Prodigy and am looking into adding the computer to my Prodigy just not sure which one. thanks,

    • Hi Lenore, how have you been? Good to hear from you! I added an Intelliquilter,(which I love) about 2 years ago. The reason why is I know I wanted to digitize and design for that format. I still love freehand and make sure I freehand on every quilt. I tend to use my IQ for designs I used to use stencils in the pre-computer days.

      I also learned how to digitize myself using Art & Stitch, so I now have the ability to draw a design, digitize, then stitch it out, too. The sprocket design is an example of this. To send to my wonderful digitizing person for commercial patterns, I redrew the design in Adobe Illustrator. The learning curve for all took some effort, but it paid off.

      Feel free to email me if you want to know more about the Intelliquilter. Hugs, Carla

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