Modern Sashing Design “Sprocket”

I thought I would share my modern sashing design for all the freehand quilters out there.  If you do not freehand quilt, but instead have a computerized quilting system, no worries, as  I plan to redraw in Adobe Illustrator to send to my favorite digitizer, the amazing Jessica at Digitech Patterns.

Here is the design,titled “Sprocket,” which is perfect for modern quilts:

design by Carla Barrett

design by Carla Barrett

Here is my visual for how to learn this design.

design by Carla Barrett

design by Carla Barrett

As with any design, practicing is the key to learning.  grab a piece of paper or a tablet, then start sketching!   Here is what it looks like quilted up:

sprocketquiltedHave fun and I hope you enjoy my modern design!  Carla




14 thoughts on “Modern Sashing Design “Sprocket”

  1. Carla,
    Thanks for being so generous and sharing your designs with us. I took one of your online classes and loved it. You are so creative and talented. I would love to have some of your creativity.


    • Ruth, oh you have creativity , my dear friend! I remember how wonderful your creative exercises were from class. Thank you for the kind words though. 🙂

    • Thank you! I have sent the design to Jessica at Digitech Designs to be released soon as a commercial quilting design. Appreciate your taking the time to stop by and comment!

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