Love My Camera!

Haven’t been posting as much as usual, so I thought I would check in and say hello.  Been busy playing learning my new camera.  For Christmas, Santa brought me a wonderful new creative item- a Canon 6D:

404_canon_6d_slant-1024x874I took my first photography class back in high school, using a 35 mm Minolta camera.  My last photography class was when digital imaging was offered at a local college, and I used a 2.5 megapixel camera at the time.  It was more a class on learning Photoshop than anything, so I have to teach myself how to work the new EOS camera and settings.  In other words, I am a newbie.

I did take some fun images so far.  Yesterday, I captured this image of my dear sweet granddaughter, Kate, while at big brother Jack’s 6th birthday party at a pizza place (not Chuck e Cheese- this place had wonderful pizza):

photo by Carla Barrett

photo by Carla Barrett

Kate had just finished her yummy chocolate chocolate chip gelato, and was watching her brother open his presents.  The blue painted wall presented a great backdrop for the image, and it has not been photoshop edited, cropped or changed, this is straight out of the camera.

I look forward to learning more about photography.  My uncle Cliff, a wonderful photographer, tells me that I should practice, practice, practice, and take LOTS of pictures.  Boy, does that sound familiar?  It is exactly what I tell my machine quilting students who are learning to freehand quilt.

So… why photography?  It has always been an interest, but after my photo shoot last year with professional photographer Lauren Jaye, I knew I really wanted a good EOS camera to work and learn with.  Plus, I want to capture images of what I make and create, too.

If any serious hobbyist or professionals stumble on this post, what advice would you give a new hobbyist photographer?   Until later……  Carla

3 thoughts on “Love My Camera!

  1. Spectacular photo….looking forward to seeing what you can do!!! Going to have to go sailing again, just to, you know….practice taking photos in those light conditions….

  2. Amazing photo!!!! DH has such a camera but I just bought another Canon PowerShot (to replace the one I wore out!!!). I really like the super small cameras that can be carried easily (or put in my motorcycle safely). Glad you’re ‘back’!!!!!!! Exciting days ahead!!!!

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