New Carla Designs at Digitech Designs

I had a pleasant surprise the other day.  I was searching for just the right modern quilting design for a special quilt for my friend, Lyn B., and I saw that Digitech Designs had released more of my designs.  Digitech offers both paper patterns and digitized patterns.

Here is my favorite design- introducing my Flame Berry Border & Corner design, which is very versatile:

c33749It can be used as a border design, a sashing design, a frame design, or as a panto design.  If you are interested in any of my designs, then head over to my designer page HERE.

Here is a screenshot of my Oak Leaf Pattern Set, which is perfect for any autumn theme quilt, too:

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 7.55.30 AMMore creative news and pictures to share in the days to come.  When my blog goes a bit quiet, you know I am creating and making things.  Happy Holidays from Carla


2 thoughts on “New Carla Designs at Digitech Designs

  1. what program do you use to make your designs? when I bought my quilting machine, it came with quilt design 4D and the receipt says it cost over a thousand dollars. I haven’t been able to figure out the program, but would love to learn to design my own patterns. There must be some tutorials out there that would make it easy to learn. It sure isn’t user friendly just playing around with it. I hate to waste it and never use it.

    • I like to create using Photoshop on my Tablet Convertible laptop, then take it into Adobe Illustrator. The early designs I sent to Digitech were this way. Jessica, the owner, is the best digitizer in the business, imho.

      For my own digitizing work, I use a wonderful program called “Art & Stitch” by Theo and Loes. Love it! Hope this helps.

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