Collector of Art/ Craft Supplies

Ok, I will admit it.  I love to collect & craft t items like a kiln or loom, even when I have no idea how to actually use the item.  This provides fodder and amusement for my husband when he talks to his friends, I recently learned.

But wait!  I know that one day I will take a ceramics course,  or join the local fiber guild and learn to weave.  Really.  Well, it could happen…

XframeSalesPampletsI just could not pass up the opportunity to own a mint condition, wonderful old Gilmore loom.  My friend, Faith’s sister-in-law needed to find it a good home.  All I needed to do was drive to the Silicon Valley and pick it up with my truck.

In my way of thinking, the loom and other items were picked up for free or for minimal investment, so why not have them in case I should want to weave or create pottery or fused glass?  I have always wanted to take art glass classes, or at the very least make glass beads.

This is how I think.  Of course, being married to a practical engineer who desires an empty garage, he approaches it in a whole new light.  Luckily for me, my dear husband knows that the secret to a happy marriage and happy wife is to turn a blind eye when “items” show up.  🙂

Of course, one day I will indeed learn how to weave, and create with glass.  Until then, my loom sits next to my lovely antique card catalog that I picked up from UCLA when they converted to computers, exercise equipment, fabric stash and too many other art/craft supplies to mention.

Am I the only creative soul who buys things for just in case??  C’mon, confessing is good for the soul.    Cheers, Carla


10 thoughts on “Collector of Art/ Craft Supplies

  1. Well, let me put it this way…….I/we live on a hobby farm that has all the buildings that, years ago, were used as a full scale dairy. Add to that a 2 story garage we built a few years ago….the 2nd floor houses…ahem, a collection of “someday” items that overflow from other buildings. There are misc. motorcycles/parts just in case I would need something for mine….maybe. Ummm, kinda get my drift???????? Oh well…….sigh…….

  2. I love having all the options for doing any sort of hobby that I might be interested in. I collect all manner of hobby related tools. Some are minimal investments, others not so minimal, but they were needed at the time. For example, was it better to invest in a wheel & kiln while taking pottery classes in college or spend the time & money to drive 25 miles back and forth to get projects completed and pay for day care for kids on top of that. The wheel & kiln were a bargain in comparison. Same goes for jewelry equipment including a torch that instead of getting a small one that would’ve been ok for jewelry, we got the larger one with several tips so that my husband could use it for cutting larger pieces of metal also. We’ve used it quite a bit. I do need to probably get a hold on the addiction to equipment, but then again, maybe I’ll actually get to using all of it again someday.

    • I say save it for a rainy day, Jessica! So says the woman with a acetyline torch and tank, plus way too many metalsmith tools! Let’s not talk about how many sewing machines we have, either! 🙂

  3. At least one of you has some sense. DH and I both have needs…. And a full 10 stall barn to prove it (no animals just stuff). And yes, I have a hand-made floor loom that I inherited from one of my parent’s friends. He was just going to burn it as firewood. Who would want that to happen? And I did take a weaving class–30 some-odd years ago. And I made some gorgeous fabric for a winter coat. Still have the coat even though it won’t even fit my right thigh. “But wait! I know that one day…. Really. Well, it could happen” 😉

  4. Jess, A woman can’t have too many tools! Ha! You are just interested in so many things and there is no time for it all and that’s a good thing. You will never be bored. Warmly, Valda

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