Feathers, Feathers and More Feathers!

Many of you have written noticing that I have been rather quiet of late.  That is because I am working hard at finishing my Feather Mastery Workbook and also on my revamped online classes.

I anticipate finishing my Feather Mastery Workbook first.  All of the worksheets are being redrawn, redesigned, and new worksheets have been added.   I draw my feather illustrations and workbook sheets in Photoshop Elements.  Here is a sample feather drawing from the Workbook:

from Carla Barrett's Feather Mastery Workbook

from Carla Barrett’s Feather Mastery Workbook

The workbook is growing as I continue to draw and edit.  I get new ideas, which means I then need to write and complete another Lesson.

What are YOUR favorite feathers?     Hugs, Carla

5 thoughts on “Feathers, Feathers and More Feathers!

  1. I love these feathers, perfect for a more modern or masculine quilt, Although i love the rounded ones they don’t always suit the style of quilt.

  2. Hi Carla,

    I am not sure if this is a proper response to your question of “What are your favorite feathers,” but I would be interested in how to consider the negative space of a quilt and best fill it with a pleasing and uniform feather designs. Actually, your quilt whisperer class would probably be more in line with what I am asking for.

    However, ideas for feathers that filling confined spaces such as triangles and squares stars, etc. would be very helpful.

    Good luck with your project!


    Pam Schmale

    • Hi Pam, thoughtful comment! Yes, in the Feather Mastery Workbook, I cover using feathers as an edge-to-edge filler and as an effective block filler around applique. I use the term “feather” as a generic term since you can substitute many types of feathers in place of the traditional, rounded, feminine feather. I also have sections on Feather motifs and feathering various shapes (triangle insets, hearts, stars, etc).

      Can’t wait to finish this Workbook, I squeeze in drawing and writing in between quilting, creating, and oh yes, raising an active 2 1/2 year old. Do you have a blog or website? I would love to read what you are up to. Regards, Carla

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