When Creativity Hits…

Do you ever get the urge to create- and just have to create something, anything?  I sure do, and sometimes this happens if I go too long in between projects.

This time, I knew to act while the craving desire was at an all time high.  So I pulled out a fast project, a package of Mokuba Free Lace water soluble, and loaded it on my longarm table.  I took photos of all the steps, but here is what my finished scarf looked like:

Mokuba Scarf by Carla Barrett

Mokuba Scarf by Carla Barrett

This scarf looks fabulous on, and I may sew on a beaded closure and add some beaded bling towards the ends.  It is very soft, too.

Love fast and easy projects- especially when you just have to create something!  Hugs, Carla

3 thoughts on “When Creativity Hits…

  1. WOW!! Love the colors of your scarf! Those are my colors too — winter palate. I’d be interested to see how you made it with your longarm. Are you going to share your tut with us? I need a fast beautiful project to get me out of the doldrums! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creative scarf.

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