Carla’s Studio Tour

Gift from Barb Kiehn

Gift from Barb Kiehn

If I am being really honest, my studio looks like a tornado hit it most of the time.  Since I had a photo shoot the other day, I needed to clean it up so it looked good in the photos and created the illusion that my studio was perfectly organized all the time.

Carla Barrett Quilt Studio

Carla Barrett Quilt Studio

While it was still clean yesterday, I decided to take images of my studio to share, and to show you the cool things I have collected.

In the photo on the left, you see the next two quilt tops that I will be working on.  The modern quilt in the foreground is for Lyn B. and the quilt top in the back is for Teddie E.

The brand of longarm I use is by A1 Quilting Machines.

Carla Barrett's sock creatures

Carla Barrett’s sock creatures

Way in the back are 2 sock friends keeping watch on all my activities.

The one on the right was made by me and the one on the left is by artist Darlene Veltman, who teaches classes on creating Silly Sock Creatures.

The sock creatures are sitting on a stunning Tentmaker of Egypt quilt that the wonderful, talented Barbara Chainey picked up for me on her last trip there.

Carla Barrett Studio

Carla Barrett Studio

The next studio picture shows you my desk where I sew, draw, bead and work, that is, when it is not piled high with stuff!  (Click on image to enlarge)

I sew with my 1980’s vintage Bernina.  It is metal, heavy duty, and sews like a charm!  I also own several other machines, including an antique Singer, a Janome 6500, a Viking, and a Bernina Serger.

by Carla Barrett

by Carla Barrett

Here is a close-up of what’s under my needle, and be sure to read the words on the small quilt piece which reads, “Suddenly it was clear, Blondes DO have more fun.”

In case you didn’t know, I have blonde hair!  I’m blonde, but not a dumb blonde- LOL!

In the spirit of “Where’s Waldo,” can you find the following items in the picture below: cartoon by me, Alma Stoller‘s birdie, and beaded beads, felted cupcake by Betz White, Poppy art by Geninne Zlatkis, heart by Mary Stanley, small kitty illustration by Carla Sonheim, part of my sand collection, eraser carved shell by me, my alligator/lizard beaded bracelet, a water powered clock, and a fiber jewel heart pin by Meg Hannan.

Carla Barrett studio

Carla Barrett studio

I love to collect art from other mixed media artists!  Can you tell?

In this picture, I have lots of beads,  or trinkets, plus some projects underway.

bead collage by Carla Barrett

Collections like this make me happy, I just love the visual texture and color!  Below is a shelf series from around the studio:

Carla Barrett Studio detail

Carla Barrett Studio detail

Above, I most love my faux coffee cup, which has a fiber project inside.  I passed these out to other artists one year at ArtFiberFest.

Below, my favorite item is my Fiber Food Round Robin Project.  I picked the theme- which was a Hungary Man TV dinner, and then the recipients put together each section.  You can see what I made for others at this blog post.  Also in the photo, you will find a scissor maiden by Syd McCutcheon.

Carla Barrett Studio detail

Carla Barrett Studio detail



This shelf is rather bare- as compared to other shelves in my studio.  I love the metal coffee cup, the wire chicken, a great book about Frank Lloyd Wright, and a fabulous book on art by Simon Schama, titled Power of Art.  I also love the BBC series by him as well.

That’s my studio tour for today!  Hope you enjoy it- and some of my odds and ends.  Do you have a studio and do you keep mementos around, too?   Carla

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