Sailing Trip Preparation

On my last post, I shared that I will be going on a  long anticipated sailing trip to the South Pacific, specifically, French Polynesia and The Cook Islands.  This will be an offshore sail training expedition so I may experience for myself what it is like to be out on a sailboat way far from land.


Expedition Supplies- You are provided a long list of what you need to bring with you.  Here are just a few supplies from the list:  Foul weather sailing jacket (photo above), chest harness and tether,  Headlight, alarm for standing watch, waterproof watch, polarized sailing glasses,   packtowels, flat sheets, pillowcases, backpack and duffel.  Optional items I am bringing include my GoPro camera, a small Kindle Fire for reading, and my snorkel and mask.  Btw, Love my watch- a Baby G:


Medical Supplies- You must partner with your physician and bring along antibiotics, anti-fungal pills, and of course, Rx for seasickness.  Plus any regular Rx, too.  This takes some pre-planning, but it helps if your doctor likes to sail, too.

Clothes- you are very limited by weight how many clothes you can bring.  I will be bringing 5 pairs of sport shorts or my favorite white and black petal skorts from Athleta:


Add on sports bras, swimsuits, shoes, and tops, plus we have to bring a long skirt or dress to be culturally sensitive and 3 hats, plus a long tech shirt for the sun.

Did I mention that the total weight for all items together must be lower than 30 pounds?  I freely admit that this is the hard part for me.  To that end, I have been searching out shorts and clothes that are very lightweight, so that I might be able to bring a few more clothes along.   My favorite shoe I am bringing is my Teva’s:


These shoes are lightweight, and comfy.   To help save weight when packing, I bought a bunch of Eagle Packing cubes to organize my supplies in.

Ok, you get the idea that I had to prepare way ahead of time for this trip.  Joe tells me it will be the trip of a lifetime, based on his experience sailing betweem Fiji and Vanautu last year.  I can’t wait!!!

16 thoughts on “Sailing Trip Preparation

  1. Have a blast and know that I just ordered a bunch of the Eagle Packing Cubes and Sacs for my trip this summer!! They look great!!!

  2. Hi Carla, man what fun it will be.! Based on my sailing adventures, limited as they are, bring 1 pair of long pants, light weight cargo’s. The weather maybe tropical but there will be times when you will want the dry warmth on your legs. I know you will have a great adventure.Bring back lots of pictures to share. God Bless

    • Thanks for the advice, Suzanne. I have been all over town looking for a lightweight pair of nylon pants without buttons and zippers (so you do not scratch the boat woodwork under sail), so I might substitute a pair of capris. I did find one of those zip off pants- but they were so ugly that I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. 🙂

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