Bobbie’s Quilt

Today I bring you a new quilt I am working on-  a quilt for a woman who served in the Marine Corps during WW2.  Here is the entire quilt, pieced by Bobbie Jarrett and Photo Transfer printing by The Pixeladies:

QOV quilt by Bobbie Jarrett and quilting by Carla Barrett

QOV quilt by Bobbie Jarrett and quilting by Carla Barrett

Here are some sections I have designed so far and quilted.  The corner motif is my design, with plans to have Digitech Design sell all the designs later in the year.  I plan to add a couple of stars to the motif below:

Quilting design by Carla Barrett

Quilting design by Carla Barrett

The blank blocks will have this design:


More pictures to come when I am finished.  I am told that this quilt will be unveiled in Wash. DC later in the year at a museum.

Design wise- I decided to make this a lovely patriotic quilt since the recipient is female.  As a nod to her military service, I am quilting stars here and there.  The recipient is also a musician, so I will be adding musical notes and the outside border (not shown) will include piano keys.

I am also using a purchased feather design for the outside diamond spaces- a Sherry Rogers-Harrison feather design from her Lancaster Star Collection (also sold at Digitech Designs.

More to come later…   Hope everyone is well who is reading this.  Would love to hear what YOUR current project is?  Hugs, Carla


12 thoughts on “Bobbie’s Quilt

  1. Beautiful designs Carla!!! I really love the corner!!! Can’t wait until it’s available 🙂 Did you design it on your ArtNStitch??

    • Hi Lani, thank you for writing! I first drew the design on my tablet PC in Photoshop, then traced it in ANS. I found I was under a time constraint, so I just digitized part of the design, knowing I would add freehand feathers.

      When I get back from my sailing trip, I will need to take the original design into Adobe Illustrator because I need to send .ai files to Digitech. I will take the time to vector draw the feathers then.

      I am glad that the corner design will be available later this year since there are not many designs out there for that pieced shape area.

  2. Love your quilting as always Carla – I won a blue ribbon for First in the Traditional Ameteau section at or Quilt Fair – Quilt West in APerth WEwstern Australia… I think I have my Mojo back – … but I am surey weary from 2 full days at the show. 🙂 But I am a happy Chappie 🙂 Now moved uyp to Professional – bit scary.

    • Congrats, Joan, on your blue ribbon win! Well deserved, too! I think of you as a quilting professional already, so I know you will do very well in that category, too. Rest up, dear friend!

  3. Lovely Carla!!

    I have a question for you. I need to upgrade my laptop that I use for quilt whispering. I’m looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro. It looks like you can use Photoshop with it. Do you know of anyone that is using it? Do you have any experience with it yourself?


    • Hi Debbie, I actually had an opportunity to test drive the Surface Pro. My personal feelings were that this long anticipated product was rather a disappointment. It was heavy compared to other slates, and I did not care for the Windows 8 software interface. I also have read that Microsoft bundles their OS with several programs- which suck up most of the memory. A few people have mentioned that about Window 8 slates- not having enough memory to run programs like PS, so you would want to make sure that whatever you buy will run the programs you need.

      Actually, I am looking forward to test driving the Cintiq competitor product from Lenova when released- said to have similar Wacom functionality for half the price.

      Bottom Line, the Tablet market for artists is still in flux. I continue to wait for a thin, lightweight PC slate that will have enough memory to load PS, Adobe Illustrator, ANS, and more. Oh yes, it cannot have Windows 8, I much prefer Windows 7. I believe the market will get there eventually.

  4. Carla: I marvel at your quilting. I, too, am a long arm quilter. Is your quilting by hand on the long arm, or computer stitched? It is absolutely beautiful. If by hand on the long arm, I can only hope I can be this good one day. If by computer, I hope one day I can upgrade. I follow you and your work is truely gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity to view your pictures and follow your work.


    • Hi Jane, thank you for writing. The designs for Bobbie’s quilt were first sketched out on my tablet, then the spines were digitized using Art and Stitch (ANS) program. I was time strapped, so I decided to just have my Intelliquilter stitch out the spines and then the feathers were freehand quilted using my A1 longarm machine.

      Before I purchased my Intelliquilter (IQ), I would have used a stencil or cut my own pattern using fun foam for the spine, then marked it onto the quilt top.

      Even though I now have my IQ, I am a firm believer in mixing and matching static and non-static quilting designs, freehand and non-freehand stitching. That way, no one will look at my finished quilt and say it looks like a computer did it. Too perfect can be perfectly boring, I like to keep the viewer guessing.

      Once, in 2009, years before I bought my IQ, a guild show in another state insisted my freehand work was done by a computer. You can read that story here: I used a stencil, but it is not perfect. Oh well, I did win 2 ribbons for the friend, so it is all good.

      Jane, I will give you the best tip I have….. when freehand quilt, just be bold! Self confidence in freehand quilting is 90% of the game. Free yourself from the notion that it has to be perfect- and you will do just fine. Happy Quilting! Carla

      • I also have an A1 machine. I am thinking of upgrading to the upgrade they have out now. Thank you so much for the
        information because I panic before I begin to quilt.


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