Ada the Kitty

Many blog readers may remember that when I write about my youngest son, now an adult, I mention that he has autism.  He lives nearby us in a small apartment, with lots of support from parents and his independent living worker.   Many people on the spectrum relate better to animals than people.  Joseph happens to loves cats.

We had loaned him our favorite kitty, Oscar, as a therapy pet.    Here is a picture of Oscar:

  • oscar

Unfortunately, about 3 months ago, Oscar went missing.  We were devastated, searched in vain; but Joseph took it especially hard as Oscar was his companion and only friend.

A few weeks ago, a starving stray showed up at Joseph’s front door, meowing.  We think the kitty had been dumped, as it did not act feral, just hungry and thin.  Joseph took this sweet calico kitty in, and named her “Ada” in honor of the first woman programmer, Ada Lovelace.  He has showered Ada with love and affection- who in turn is warm and affectionate back.

Ada is the sweetest kitty, we fell in love with her, too.  Then, one day we get a phone call from Joseph.  He thinks Ada was very pregnant.   Uh-Oh.  All my pets gets spayed and neutered, so I forget that other pet owners are not as responsible.   Now I think the owner may have dumped Ada rather than deal with baby kittens.

Last night, Ada gave birth to 3 5 healthy baby kittens.  One kitten is spoken for, so we only have to find good homes for 2  4 kittens.  Ada will remain an indoor cat until the vet spays her at the proper time.

Pictures to follow…..

13 thoughts on “Ada the Kitty

    • Hi Annie, nice to meet you! Joseph was stressed about becoming a surrogate dad, but I reassured him that nature will follow its course. Ada was purring and happy when I saw her this morning.

      Thanks for stopping by! Carla

    • C, so good to hear from you, I was thinking about you. You know you need a new kitty in about 8 weeks, right? Only issue is getting the kitty to Spain! LOL

  1. Hi Carla – so glad Ada found your son – great name for a cat – I look forward to the photographs of the kittens.
    Many thanks for your reply to my comment on your ‘Inktense Fabric Paint Tutorial’ – I will check out the post you mentioned. I am not sure that my hand is steady enough to get the neat effect on your stunning sample – but I will definitely give it a try.
    Best Wishes

    • For your first attempt, pick a large quilted design. Be sure and pick up an array of fabric brushes, too. Do send me a picture when you finish. 🙂 Carla

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