Art & Stitch Workshop

I recently attended a wonderful seminar in using Art & Stitch (ANS) digitizing software for quilting and embroidery design.  I loved this workshop and had a blast drawing designs using this vector program developed  by Theo and Loes van der Heijden.

As an incentive to practice what I learned, I thought I would share fun designs developed using ANS a few times per week.  To begin, the following designs were from a class exercise following directions by Loes.  (Carla note: For students who have taken my Tablet Design class, this is a similar process taught in designing wholecloth quilts).

You start with a triangle doodle design:

ANS example design by Carla Barrett

ANS example design by Carla Barrett

Repeat 3 more times to create a bock or motif.  For ANS users, you would select and then click on the magic square function in the program:

copyright 2013 by Carla Barrett

copyright 2013 by Carla Barrett

Next, you can then create a larger block using 4 of the blocks:

Copyright 2013 by Carla Barrett

Copyright 2013 by Carla Barrett

Finally, you can also create a large Edge-to-Edge design in ANS, too:

E2E design by Carla Barrett

E2E design by Carla Barrett

For those of you interested in the program I am using, Art & Stitch has a free trial download on their website here.

Let me know what you think?   Happy quilting!  Carla




11 thoughts on “Art & Stitch Workshop

  1. I love the classes with Loes and Theo – and my Art and Stitch. I have had the product for a couple years and continue to be amazed with all that it can do. The exercise you show here was such a fun one to learn in the classes and your results here are great! Enjoy – and with your talent great things will blossom!

    • Carol, I have been thinking of you. Saw your birdie class exercise and it was wonderful! I have owned the software for a couple of years but never really got “into ” it until now. Why did I wait so long? LOL!

  2. Lots of fun, super results! So interesting to see how things move on, I’m still twiddling with tracing paper and mirrors …. off to check it out!

    • Hi Barbara, love my software and high tech gadgets! I will be showing more work using this product, it is a wonderful vector art tool. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve had Art and Stitch a couple years too now and it’s so much fun to create designs and be able to stitch out what you’ve drawn in no time at all. I know you’ll do wonderful things with it Carla.

  4. Sew great to have met you at the class. Love the design above and you know I love ANS.
    Carla at dinner when I mentioned Carol, it was Carol K above :). I met her at my ANS classes in both Utah and AZ, we had so much fun together, if you ever want to get lost but still have fun and laugh till you cry, the drive around SLC with Carol.

    • Hi Leona, so enjoyed our dinner together- and getting to know you! Thanks for being a good sport and taking my picture with Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World,” too.

      Carol is a dear! One day, I will certainly have to drive around SLC with her. When you mentioned Carol, I did wonder if you meant her. (Note to Carol- it was all good, honest!)

  5. when I purchased my long arm making my own designs with Art and stitch was the most exciting part for me. I have been able to learn the Pro-Stitcher with ease. Art and Stitch I still can not get. It is like I am missing basic steps. For example if I make a mistake and I can’t erase the last point I put in. I end up erasing every thing. I have tried the videos several time and I am going to try again. I am wondering if you have any suggestions.
    Thank you

    • Hi Teresa, traveling on a sailboat in Eleuthera at the moment. Seems like there is a shortcut key stroke that erases the last point. I bet if you wrote Theo or Loes, they would help you in a heartbeat. They are fabulous people and teachers. I was having issues with connecting 2 designs and discovered that I had a wireless mouse and needed a wired mouse instead. Ran to OfficeMax and bought one for less than $10. That made all the difference for me. Good luck!! Carla

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