Doug’s Quilt

I am busy working on a quilt for a guy quilting friend named Doug.  Doug owns a local quilt store and he is funny to boot!  He will call me posing as Bill Clinton, and ask me whether the Presidential library should have a condom dispenser in the bathroom or other product?  It helps that his Bill Clinton imitation is spot on.

Doug’s quilt has an overall duck hunting theme.  It also has some lovely applique cattails on the quilt for further visual interest, too.  (I promise to show pictures when finished).  I knew I needed a border design with ducks on it, so I turned to Digitech Patterns to find one.  I eventually found this loon pattern by Denise Schillinger, which fit the bill:


This pattern looks more duck-like than loon-like to me.  Loons swim very low in the water is why I say this.  Anyway, I digress….. here is the finished border design using this design.  Note that I took this picture from the back side of the quilt:

border design

border design

Doug’s quilt has light cornerstones in all four corners, so I wanted to place a related design that would go with the border.  Unfortunately, I could not find one, so it was time to create one using bits and pieces of Denise’s Digitech Pattern design:

Design for a duck quilt by Carla Barrett

Obviously, I still have to add the tight piano keys to the un-quilted side of the block, but I ended up really liking this design and how it looks on Doug’s quilt.  I shared it with him on Facebook, and he was very happy.

Carla Tip: This is my quilting tip of the day- when attempting to locate a complementary design for a quilt, use bits and pieces of an existing design used elsewhere in the quilt- whether it is a stencil design or digitized design.

I am adding some other duck and duck hunter motifs within the body of the quilt, but you will have to wait to see it.  Stay posted!  Hugs, Carla

4 thoughts on “Doug’s Quilt

  1. I would love to get in touch with your Doug! In my “spare” time (what I do when I’m not longarming) I am helping to launch a business called “Doug’s Nuts” which is a gourmet mixed seasoned and roasted nut product. It’s really amazing and of course, with your friend’s name being Doug, I just had to reach out! He can contact me at lisa[at]dougsnuts[dot]com. Thanks! And great job on his quilt!

    • Lisa, I will certainly let Doug know. I expect to finish his quilt and see him early next week, so I will be happy to let Doug know that “Doug’s Nuts” are under development. In fact, I can predict lots of laughter in the store when I tell him about your amazing new product! LOL

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