More Carla Digitized Designs Available!

Thanks to Jessica Schick at Digitech Patterns for digitizing some more designs in my Kismet series of designs!  These are for any computerized quilters out there reading this.  Even better, for a short time, Jessica offers the following designs at half off:


Design by Carla Barrett available at Digitech

Design by Carla Barrett available at Digitech

I am about 6 weeks into my semester college class in using Adobe Illustrator.  Finished my first big project, we had to illustrate from scratch a common item and make it look realistic- I picked my fancy TV remote.  Here is what  my finished illustration design looks like, well a rasterized version of my Adobe Illustrator file:

rasterized AI file for class

rasterized AI file for class

Can you tell I am having fun?  Off to play around some more with learning AI!

2 thoughts on “More Carla Digitized Designs Available!

  1. Fun!! I love AI – I’m so much better at getting things were I want them on AI than on Photoshop. When I was taking your tablet course I just wanted to pop those quilts over in AI to draw on them, but I know that if I can’t draw it freehand I won’t be able to do it free motion.

    • Norma, what I do is draw the design in PS, then import the design to AI for clean up and minor adjustments or locking the file and re-drawing over the design. I am so much more comfy drawing with PS, though.

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