Molly’s Quilt

Thought I would share some images of Molly’s quilt, which I am almost half done with.  This is a sweet quilt with some traditional quilting:

WIP quilt for Molly by Carla Barrett

Molly Quilt- quilting WIP by Carla Barrett

I will do my stitch-in-the-ditch work last, as I always do.  Keep posted!  I will post images when I am done.  What are YOU working on?

14 thoughts on “Molly’s Quilt

  1. it sure is lovely Carla. I don’t remember if you have answered this before, but why do you like to do the SID last?

    I’m working on a doll quilt for a flickr swap, which I will be also writing into a large quilt pattern.

    • Hi Norma, When I was a new quilter about 9 years ago, I learned how to control my quilt sandwich without SIDing. Now I will add SID when needed just for polish, so I do it last. In this quilt, I am outlining all the main blocks, the body, also the applique or embroidered designs.

      Will have to see your small quilt when you are done, Norma!

    • Susan, there is no right or wrong way as to when you SID- so long as it is done well. Probably the biggest error I see with SID is when the quilter wobbles the line and does not stop to correct it.

      Also, if you are a sit-down quilter, you must SID first to stabilize the quilt sandwich before filling in the areas. 🙂

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