Quilt With Color

I thought I would show my experimental small quilt.   I purchased pigment paints a year ago, and I thought it was time to try them out.  Here are the pictures:

I used pigment powders and have been experimenting with using different mediums.  This brings out the child in me as I carefully paint within the lines.

Off to start my next one now.  Take care, Carla

16 thoughts on “Quilt With Color

  1. Carla, this is beautiful! I bought a coloring kit from Irena Bluhm about 3 years ago and they are still in their package nice and neat! This may give me the inspiration to open that package and see what coloring pencils and texture medium might do. I love the colors you used too.

    • Hi Dar, this is a much different process than what Irena uses. I am not sure what is in your kit, but I do not recommend using regular colored pencil on fabric as it can bleed. The process Irena uses was learned (or a modification) from Helen Stubbing from AU.

      This process uses pigment powdered paint by LuminArte. Lovely colors, too. Easy process, worth trying out with a small quilted piece first. Lots of mixed media artists use these.

  2. Hi Carla…that is so beautiful – Did you start with a total white – My enquiring mind needs to know how you did that? I would really love to know. Hugs to you, Ethan and your DH 🙂

  3. I love it Carla…..I have a kit from Sherry Rogers Harrison using some of the same products….still in the bag, however, I did mark a quilt still undone…..waiting to be quilted and painted…..I am such a procrastinator….thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Beautiful, Carla! I love those colors! I will have to look into those paints, as most of the others I don’t care for the colors. A tutorial would be wonderful!


    • Hi Candy, pigment paint works on silk, too. I buy the pigment powder and mix it with a variety of mediums- along with the pigment powder, then carefully paint it on the quilted fabric. I would try it on a scrap piece of silk and get the technique down before attempting a larger project. Hope this helps! Carla

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