Happy Anniversary Musings

Wow!  Today, Joe and I are celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary, and I must say it only feels like 10 years have gone by rather than 30.   Joe is still the love of my life, my best friend and confidant- all rolled up in one!  How wonderful to be able to say that after 30 years, I would remarry him in a heartbeat…. if we were not already married.

We look forward to many years together still.  Raising Ethan, spending quality time with the grandkids, retirement eventually, travel still to come, sailboat trips; all are future adventures waiting to be shared together.   We are truly blessed!


5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Musings

  1. Oh what an amazing gift to have the relationship that fuels your life so present for so long. Happy Anniversary to you both with dozens more to come.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! It is wonderful to have a hubby that is also your best friend and that you enjoy spending time with. I bet Ethan has grown – you will have to post a picture sometime so we can see how big he is now!

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