Stitch & Grip Quilting Disks

I tried out a wonderful new product today that I wanted to share with you- the Stitch & Grip Quilting Disks by Clever Craft Tools.   Here is a picture of what these quilting disks look like:

Carla’s Review:  The Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks makes quilting with your home sewing machine so much easier to do!    This is a must buy item for all machine quilters who use a sewing machine to quilt.  Why?  When I tried them out on my Bernina, the Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks really improved my quilting control without putting lots of stress on your arms, shoulders and neck muscles.  These disks really do grip the quilt sandwich and improves your control!

I found them much easier to use than quilting with the white quilting gloves, plus I was able to gain more control of my quilt sandwich without stressing out my neck and back muscles.  It is a simple, yet brilliant idea and product from Clever Craft Tools.

Google the product for a list of online retailers.  If you are a shop owner, I am sure you may contact the company directly for wholesale information.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks.  I always love to try new products out and give my opinion.  🙂     Hugs, Carla

Blog Disclosure: I was provided this product to try out and provide feedback to the company.  My review of this product reflects my honest opinion and I am not affiliated with the company, nor have been paid for this review.




Having tried machine quilting on my sewing machine with other products (like the quilting gloves, hoops, etc.), I was happy to discover that the Grip & Stitch

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