How to Quilt Sashings

I thought it was time to add another quilting video, be sure to comment and let me know if you find this video helpful.

This video is for Kathy Clark, who wrote me to inquire whether I had a stencil for my “Echo-Swirl” sashing design.  The short answer is “not yet,” so I decided to shoot this video to help any machine quilter who wants an easy sashing design for their quilt.  Here is the design that Kathy asked me about:

13 thoughts on “How to Quilt Sashings

  1. Carla since your class last year this is one of the designs I used in my small sashings. Thanks for the reminder. Your designs are just so great.

  2. Carla, I watched your video tonight and it really helps me to watch and draw at the same time. One question, when you first started learning these designs, did you mark your spacing to keep the swirls consistently spaced? I’m not very good at eyeballing the spacing on freehand work. Thanks so much for making this video for us.

    • Hi Dar, great question! I am able to eyeball spacing as I quilt, but when I was a new quilter, I lightly sketched in the design to judge how to turn corners and where to stop and start within my work space. Once my confidence grew, I just went for it.

      I am a firm believer in using any tricks or techniques to get the job done, so freely use your favorite marking device to give yourself reference points. The important part is how the design looks once you are finished.

      Remember, too, that not to stress over every swirl as this is a very forgiving design. Perfect is perfectly boring, imho, so embrace your quilting uniqueness! 🙂

  3. Carla,
    Thanks so much for doing this video tutorial. I found it quite helpful. I am going to practice on my dry erase board. My way of thinking is that each echo swirl should look the same, but I love your comment about not stressing over each swirl and that perfect is perfectly boring!

    I have a Janome 11000 Special Edition that I use for my free motion quilting. I am very consistent in my stippling stitch. I am a lefty so my way of stitching is different. I have mastered feathers and now want to venture out to learn new quilting techniques.

    My friend just bought a Handi Quilter Sweet 16. I went with her to see a demo of the machine and then we both did some free motion stitching on the machine. I am in love with this machine just don’t have the funds to purchase one at this time.

    I love your bog. I am so glad I found your web site.

    Will send you pictures of my quilting of the echo swirl. Thanks again from sunny Houston, Texas!!

  4. Love the simplicity of watching you draw in the video…a great way to learn. Thanks for sharing! I use the simple swirl design a lot in my sashings!!

  5. That was interesting to watch Carla — I’ve seen some of those quilts before — maybe next year I’ll try doing a quilt by myself!

  6. So so helpful – thank you !! Will you be posting any more videos like this, or do you have some kind of online class ? I will never be able to take a real class with you as I live in the UK !! Thank you for your inspiration and support – I feel like a real quilter when I do your designs !

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