More Feather Star Quilting

Here are the updated images for the green feathered star quilt:

I am now working on the center quilting design, and plan to finish quilt on Monday.   Here is the center section, with a pin in the picture to show you scale.  I added some SID to the center star area, too:

I will update this post later to provide what designs are quilted freehand and which ones are digitized.  You all know I love to give credit to designers if I use a stencil or digitized design on a quilt.

Enjoy your weekend!   Carla

10 thoughts on “More Feather Star Quilting

  1. That is outstanding. I too love to see what your minds-eye comes up with in creating the quilting designs. Oh to have just a little finger’s worth of your creative ideas. Beautiful work.

  2. Gorgeous Carla! Curious: I thought that long armers did not have to baste-not true? And SID last-heard that before from other long armers, do you think that would be the case for DSM’s too?

    • Hi Jenny, I am quilting this one to loan you, btw. LOL To my knowledge, I am one of the few who SID last. In my classes, students are always surprised I do it this way. It works for me.

      If I am quilting a quilt, and I want to leave large, unquilted spaces to quilt at a later time, then I baste the area so that things do not shift on me. For DSM quilters, I would think it would be better to baste first, then do the needed SID quilting.

      As soon as I finish my binding on this quilt and the colored one shown before, I will will email you. Perhaps we can meet for lunch- or at a quilt store? Hugs, carla

  3. Thank you, Lani, Christine, Joan, Dar, and Jenny, Thank you for your lovely comments! The quilt design has a nice mix of motifs, geometric lines, and fills. I intentionally want the viewer’s eye to travel around the quilt- apart from the focal point center. Anyway, I appreciate your stopping by and leaving me a comment!

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