Feathered Star Quilt

I am working on a small quilt project- a feathered star quilt.  Here is a picture taken during the quilting, since I am mid-way through the quilting.  I plan to finish this quilt tomorrow.

If you look closely, I am adding some linear texture in the negative space between the motifs in the green area.

The quilt top was pieced by a friend and given to me as a gift years ago.  I decided it would be a fun quilt to turn into a wallhanging.

Other news:  Been drawing away on some new quilting designs to be turned into digitized designs for computer quilters and embroiderers.  I have to wait to show you the designs, until they are released for sell at Digitech Patterns.  I promise to share more designs when they become available.

Recent Pixeladies Class- We have had another successful class and have enjoyed the students!  We are trying something different- adding an extra week to allow extra time for students to turn in homework.  This was based on student feedback, so we decided to give it a try.

Your turn- what are YOU working on?


One thought on “Feathered Star Quilt

  1. Oh my, this looks scrumptious! I can’t wait to get back working on my machine quilting, although mine isn’t as gorgeous as yours. Yesterday I did get to sit and work on my hand applique. Truly a treat for myself.

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