Work in Progress Quilt

I am testing out one of my quilting designs, and decided to pull out my pigment paint to color this quilt.  Here are a series of pictures:

Quilted sample featuring my design in the center:

Starting adding color.  Notice how vibrant the color becomes when I add aloe vera gel to the pigment color?

Now working on the background behind my design:

This center design is available from Digitech Designs located here.  

Back to coloring!  Carla


6 thoughts on “Work in Progress Quilt

  1. That is really cool Carla. It reminds me that I bought a kit several years ago at MQS from Irena Bluhm and I’ve yet taken time to try it out. Maybe one day when I get caught up with customer quilts I will. Lovely design too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed this so much, your quilting is beautiful. And I’m interested learning more about your use of pigment paints. I’m unfamilar with them. I usually work from the opposite direction in art quilting, Seta silk paints or colored waterbased inks first, then the quilting. I so happy I found your blog, it is delightful.

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