Joe’s Sailing Adventure

I thought I would mention that DH Joe went on a 2 week sailing trip from Fiji to Vanuatu recently. I stayed behind to care for baby Ethan, who is now 17 months and into everything.  Really. I turned my back for 1 minute and Ethan somehow reprogrammed my computer desktop.  Took me 30 minutes to unscramble his work.

One day, after Joe and I retire, we have grand plans to trade in our O’Day sailboat for a 40-45 ft. bluewater cruising sailboat, and sail in the Caribbean and South Pacific.  To that end, we have been taking sailing courses, bareboat chartering trips, and  sail whenever we can.

We both lacked deep bluewater sailing experience, so Joe signed up for an expedition trip sailing from Fiji to Vanuatu in the South Pacific.  He had an exciting adventure, meeting like-minded crew mates, who also were there to learn.    If you want to read more about this amazing trip, you can read the posts by crew-mate Roger and watch his terrific videos HERE.  Don’t miss the erupting volcano video from Tanna, Vanuatu.

Joe came back and said I must go on an expedition, too.  After reading the expedition website, I decided on Leg 2 in 2013 trip.  So my application was sent to the expedition organizers and I am awaiting back approval.  Where is Leg 2, you might ask?  The sailing trip will start in Tahiti, sail around Moorea, Wuahine, Bora Bora, a few other wonderful places and then sail to Rarotonga, Cook Islands.   Think of the snorkeling I will do!!

Just received word that my application was accepted!  Can’t wait, especially since I can learn about native textile art and quilting in The Societies and Cook Islands.


2 thoughts on “Joe’s Sailing Adventure

  1. John’s first boat is the same kind we had and Amanda is an incredibly cool sailor! I’d go just to meet them, let alone the sailing…….wow! Have an utterly fantastic time, and post LOTS on the blog, m’kay?

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