Website Changes

Notice that I have been making some changes lately?   I have added an eClass section to this site, with all the class information contained there- from eClass Schedule, Courses, Teachers, FAQ and Classroom link.  Here is a visual of what you see when you click on “eClasses” menu button above, or the “eClass Home” button on the side:

Now I need to fine tune the info contained in each link.  It is a work in progress- LOL!

Curious blog readers who want to know the dates for the next two classes may look in the “Schedule” area for an early sneak peek.  Later on, I plan to add some video how-to register for class, etc.  I will be sending out my eClass newsletter within the next week with Fall eClass info.

On a more personal note, I am busy working on my next wholecloth, number two in my series.  Will show you some sneak peek photos later on, so stay tuned!

These days, I have been chasing after my dear grandson, Ethan, who is now a very fast 16 month old toddler who can open doors.  He seems especially fascinated with my quilting studio, so if I turn my back for a moment, he likes to sneak in there.  #2 on his list involves going into my post-ant-invasion-cleaned pantry and throwing all the cans into the recycling bin.  Funny boy!




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