Additional Quilting Designs

Thanks to Jessica at Digitech Design, for offering an exclusive line of Carla Barrett digitized quilting designs available now online.  Here are some of the first designs you can purchase:


For those blog friends who have computerized quilting or embroidery machines, if you act soon, all new designs at Digitech Designs are half off (50% off) for a very short time.  Just click the link and you may find my designs on the new page or listed under the designer name.  I am under “C” for Carla Barrett.  🙂

I have LOTS of quilting designs being released this year, and I am drawing more designs all the time to send to Jessica.   I will be placing a button on my blog sidebar that will link directly to my designer page on Digitech Designs.

What designs would YOU like to see offered in the future?  I would love to hear from you.  Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “Additional Quilting Designs

    • Hi Leeanne, yes. you know how much I like to draw and design. I still love to freehand, but also can’t wait to use the new designs with my IQ system. I love the look of freehand + digital designs or stencils.

  1. Hi Carla, your designs are beautiful, I love them! Thank you and please keep them coming. I would love to see a design with stars (or some other patriotic them) and swirls that I can use as an edge to edge on my Quilts of Valor quilts. Nothing overly feathery or feminine. Thanks for asking for requests.

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