Wholecloth Quilt- WIP

Here is my latest WIP (work-in-progress), a wholecloth quilt created using digitized designs:

Of course, the next step is to freehand quilt some fills, which will be the finishing touch for this quilt.  Oh yes, the outside border, too.

I used designs from four designers- center is from Ronda Beyer, triangle design by One Song Needle Art,  border 1 by Lisa Calle, corner motif by Kim Brunner, and outside border by Lisa Calle.  As you can see, I am using my latest tool, (albeit an expensive one) my Intelliquilter, (IQ) and my designing skills with the IQ is improving.  This is actually a trial piece before I do a larger project.

I finished the quilted background for my Autumn quilt.  This is the background layer and I will be adding a top tree layer using fibers, beads and what not.  Here is the overall quilted background, (freehand guided) followed by a close up picture which shows the texture quilting:

That’s all from my studio today.  Happy creating!


8 thoughts on “Wholecloth Quilt- WIP

  1. I love it all! Just curious though – how big is the whole cloth and how much room do you have in your quilting area? I only have 12-13″ ans find it difficult to design and execute whole cloth designs in that small area…

    • The quilt will be about 40ish by 40ish. You do have to break it down into quiltable areas to match the throat space of your machine. Mine is about 17 inches. Laura, not sure if you have a computerized system, but if the design is too big, you get creative at splitting designs and then re-aligning once you have advanced the quilt. Hope I have explained myself adequately. Happy quilting! Carla

  2. Carla, As usual they are breathtaking. With your amazing talent for freehand work, I’m surprised to hear that you got the IQ. I remember once at a show someone spoke of your quilt as if it was computer quilted and you did it hand guided.!! You are a wonderful quilter however you do it!!

    • Hi Dar, I knew I wanted to design for computerized systems, so I figured I needed one to be able to stitch them out. I do love the mix of freehand and stencils- or freehand and computer done well. So I will always do freehand (hence the autumn quilt example).

      Btw, your memory is correct, I had a judge and show organizers move my client’s quilt into a Computer quilted category even after being told it was freehand. I even took a first place…LOL

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