New Blog Look

Hello, I am playing around with how my blog looks.  It is way over due for an update.  I will be experimenting with several looks over the next week or so.  Feel free to comment about any that you like.

Long time blog readers may want to know why I haven’t been blogging as much as usual?  One reason has to do with a dear little boy who came into my life last year.  It is now official- Joe and I are the proud legal guardians for Ethan, now 14 months old.    He has blond hair, blue eyes, and is adorable.  Full of personality, Ethan has a fun sense of humor, too.  It will be a joy to see him grow.

As always, I am still creating, albeit more slowly than in years past.  In the works are some Carla digital quilting designs- to be carried exclusively by DigiTech Designs.  When they become available, I promise to share a link so you can see them.

I am also working on the Fall Class schedule, too, as well as updating the StepOnPins website.  When it becomes available, too, I will let you know.  🙂  How is that for a teaser?

Happy 4th of July to all the US blog readers!

Hugs, Carla


11 thoughts on “New Blog Look

  1. Exciting news Carla – Congratulations to you for Ethan, i know how that feels exactly! You must be so relieved! The blog is also very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing more pages from your blog – wondered what had happened as we havnt heard froj you for so longl. And yes – that is a teaser… Your background is lovely and your style of course shines through.

  2. I like this blog look. The simplicity of the header balances the more complex zentangle type design. Really eye catching and fun.
    Congratulations on Ethan being in your forever family. So many exciting times are ahead for all of you.

  3. Congrats on Ethan joining your family. I don’t remember this possibility, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything on your blog and I don’t do FB or Twitter. Welcome back. I like this look — it’s so you.

  4. I love the new blog, Carla! I am so happy you have official custody of Ethan! It is an incredible blessing for him and for you and hubby. I will tell you that parenting when you are older (like me!) has quite a few more challenges than when you are younger, but at least by this time we have more wisdom to make up for it!

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