Catch Up! And Other Things…

I am pleased to announce that the first online Tablet Design Class was a huge success!  Wait until you see the fantastic homework that was turned in by the students- Wow!!  But, that is a future  post, so I will make you wait.  Here are a  few Creative Exercise samples I drew for the class:

A colored wholecloth quilting design:

A quilting design repeat:

Using colored images to help choose quilt design colors:

Practicing quilting fills:

This is just a sneak peek of a few exercises in the class.  All-in-all, I think I shot and edited over 35 videos for this class!  By the way, the next time I teach it will be in the Fall, 2012.  Post a comment to get on my class interest list.


Freeform Beaded Necklace-  The long awaited blog prize is almost ready to ship to the lucky recipient!!  This turned out very cool, I now need to make a second one for my own portfolio.

Want to see?

OK, here is the finished view of this freeform beaded necklace.  I named it, “Waves of Color:”

Any comments on this latest freeform beaded design?

More to come!  Now that class is over, my creative spirit is unleased!

Hugs, Carla




25 thoughts on “Catch Up! And Other Things…

    • Yes, that was a blog prize- won by Jeanne Turner McBrayer over at All Things Quilty blog. Sorry, Margo, I ran this super duper blog contest about 5 months ago. The winner- Jeanne- got her choice of a variety of custom prizes and she chose a freeform necklace and picked “jewel toned colors” as her color palette. This is what I chose to make her. 🙂

  1. I come to your blog via Kay at Borderline Quilter. I just saw what she did in your class and it’s a jaw dropper for sure! You are amazing, as is Kay! Please place me on your list to be notified when you begin your next class.

  2. Sorry you don’t have examples of my work through the class. I ordered a new Bamboo since I never found the other one (yet, anyway) & will still get my practices done, swear! It was a GREAT class with so many ideas, & even tho I didn’t get them practiced on time, I’ve still used the ideas on the quilts I did since the class started! Thanks for all you do! Keep it up! Hope I don’t miss the Quilt Whisperer class!

    • Alicia, so sorry that your tablet is missing or stolen. How frustrating to have this happen during class. If you lived closer, I could have loaned you an extra one of mine.

      Thanks for the nice comments about the class! Feel free to send me images of your work when time allows- and new tablet arrives!

  3. Hi Carla, I’d love to be notified when your next tablet class will be held. Hopefully it will be at a time I can take it!

    • Shari and Leanne, will add you to the list! I thought I would mention that the class has a prerequisite of knowing basic Photoshop Elements or if you are unfamiliar with this program, will be offering the Beginning Photoshop Elements Class for Quilters again before the Fall.

      Thank you for your interest!

    • Jeanne, there is a slight delay on mailing this to you. I decided to change out your necklace closure, hence the delay. Thank you for your patience!!

  4. Please put me on you list for your next class! I can’t wait. I am going to have to brush up on Photo shop Elements, so please let me know if there is a class a head of time that I can use for that.

  5. Hi Carla, I’m Valérie from France. Would you like to subscribe to the class?
    What level should it be to attend class? Thank you in advance. Regards. Valérie.

    • Hi Valerie, I will be holding classes in the Fall of 2012. Depending on the class, there is a prerequisite or not. The Tablet Class does have a basic level understanding of Photoshop Elements. I can certainly add you to my newsletter list. Thanks for writing! Carla

      • I have not photoshop elements. Can I participate in class, please?
        Kind regards. VAlérie.

  6. Hi Valerie, My Quilt Whisperer Class has no prerequisite or Photoshop Elements requirement. This is a 3 week class on choosing what quilting design will you place on a quilt during the machine quilting. I will be teaching it in the Fall.

    However, the Tablet Design class, and the Beginning PSE class, both require this software. All the examples above were drawn in PSE using my tablet pc laptop. Hope this helps! Regards, Carla

    • Hi Carla,
      Can you register me for the next class, please?
      What is the price of the class, please?

  7. Hello – just discovered your blog, following the trail of my friend, Diane’s Carolina Lily quilt. Simply stunning! And the necklace in this post, also stunning! Thanks for sharing.

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