Tablet Class Registration Begins on 3/15/2012

I thought I would mention that registration for my April Tablet Online Class starts this coming Thursday at 9:00 am PST.

For those of you wanting more information including a class description, please click HERE.

The class is being held at  Demand is expected to be high for this class.  Not sure if you own the right tablet for this course?  Click the class description link in the above paragraph.

Remember, as always, classes at are unique with live webinar meetings, video lessons with handouts, Creative Exercises, interactive forum and more!  Students also are given an extra 6 months (once the 3 weeks end) of access to the course to finish or review at their leisure.  Classes are self paced and intended for busy people to fit into their lives.

Any questions?  Please leave me a question in the comment section.  I look forward to seeing you in class!

3 thoughts on “Tablet Class Registration Begins on 3/15/2012

  1. The subject line has 3/15 for the registration date and the message says that Wednesday is the day to register but 3/15 is a Thursday. I don’t want to miss the registration date. Is it Wednesday 3/14 or Thursday 3/15?

    • Coleen, obviously, I need to look at my calendar more often! LOL Thanks for the correction, it is the 15th- which is indeed Thursday. I appreciate you pointing this out, silly me!

  2. Hi Carla
    I went ahead and signed up for the tablet class. I actually don’t have PSE, I have Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m an advanced user with both. Will I still be able to take your class without having PSE? I really don’t know how PSE compares to PS

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