Last Few Days for Registration

A quick post to remind everyone that the Pixeladies Intro to PSE Class is filling fast- and that class will start next Monday at  We decided to offer this class once again, especially since this class fulfills the prerequisite for my April class on Tablet Design.

In preparation for the Tablet Design class, I am working hard on expanding my in-person Tablet Design class into a 3 week class with numerous video lessons with handouts, creative exercises, visuals, and lots of information about using your tablet, along with Photoshop Elements 10, to create quilting designs, draw and design quilt tops like I do, plus many other skills.  Here is a sample quilting design that I drew for Debbie Bainbridge’s quilt during a 2011 Quilt Whisperer class:

Mark your calendar- the registration for the Tablet Design Class will begin on March 15, 2012 at 9 am PST.

Last note:  Many of you blog subscribers may have noticed the 11 or so email notifications with the last post.  Apologies, however, this was a wordpress glitch.  I did notify wordpress about this and deleted all the extra posts.


4 thoughts on “Last Few Days for Registration

  1. Thats March and not April?? Thats just a week and a half from the PSE calass? Just checking… So looking forward to the Tablet class.

    • Hi Joan, you are OK- the Tablet Class is well after the PSE Class and starts in mid-April. Registration for the Tablet class begins on March 15, 2012. Sorry for any confusion 🙂

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