Freeform Beading Update


I thought I would share the progress of the freeform beading necklace project.  I am finished with the main section, and now I am working on a cellini peyote spiral necklace straps.  The above section could also be made into a bracelet, too.

I do like the colors in this project and will most likely make one for myself- probably a necklace and bracelet combo.  

Other projects I am working on: 

EClasses:  I am the administrator for, and registration is going strong for the next Class offered- Intro to Photoshop Elements.  This will be the preresiquite class for my Tablet Design Class in April, 2012.  Registration starts on March 15th at 9:00 am PST for the Tablet Class, so mark your calendars!

Video Editing:  There will be a strong video element in my new Tablet Design class, so I updated my version of Camtasia to 7.1, and teaching myself to use it.  I capture my computer monitor screen working in PSE, so students can “see” me work.  Gotta love technology!

Quilting: Have a memory quilt project loaded right now, this one is for my son, Joseph.  When I am done, I will share a picture.  Next quilting planned is a small wholecloth project.

What are YOU up to??  Hugs, Carla

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    • Yes, that was a WordPress issue, so apologies to everyone getting email notifications. I deleted all the excess posts, and will try a sample post to make sure it is corrected.

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