Freeform Beaded Project Started

OK, here is the start of the freeform beading project I am creating for my blog prize winner.  She chose “jewel tone” color palette and I started by creating a 5 color jewel tone “bead soup” mixture.  Here is a photo revealing the first 3 bead soup mixtures created:

I extended the above color palette, and you can see the direction the project is taking:

(click for larger image)

I envision a lovely jewel tone blended necklace, with colors blending from one color to another.  I will continue to add more freeform beading until the main part of the necklace is completed.

The side straps will be more structured, perhaps in a darker color palette so that the focal point is the center section I show in the above photo.   It helps if you are able to “see” the finished project in your head.

I hope you are enjoying the progress of this necklace and seeing the various stages.  I may decide to make myself a second freeform necklace to wear, too.

Take care, Carla


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