A Few Quilt Designs From the Online Class

My Quilt Whisper design class just ended, but we had a fun 3 weeks.  This class included a fun group of students and I have enjoyed getting to know them all.

Each class, I illustrate my method of quilt design and offer to design quilts for students in my class.  On average, I usually design about 50-75 quilts.  Here are a few quilt designs from the class.  I do want to thank the following students for allowing me to share their quilt and the design I drew for them:  Karen Neary, Cindy Bartosewcz, and Joyce Abbott.

The first quilt is a NY Beauty Roundabout quilt from Karen Neary:

My design for Karen’s quilt:

This next lovely quilt is from Cindy Bartosewcz:

Here is my design for Cindy:

Cindy’s quilt is a stunner, isn’t it?  I do love feathered star quilts.  My design inspiration was a digitized design from Sherry Rogers-Harrison.

The last quilt is from Joyce Abbott.  This is a Kaye England design quilt and was featured recently in Quilt magazine (sorry, not sure which issue):

Here is the vision I see for Joyce’s quilt top:

Joyce has a sweet quilt that would look fabulous with the suggested design.   Once again, I used a lovely digitized design from Sherry Rogers-Harrison for this quilt, too.

Thank you to Joyce, Cindy and Karen for providing permission for me to share their quilts- and the Quilt Whispered designs.

In the my class during Week 3, I show sample quilt whispering for many, many quilts like this.  From e2e and simple custom to more detailed designs like I’ve shown above.

Carla, how do you draw on quilts?  This  is a question I get very often.   I have been designing the quilting this way since 2004- and have shared my method to many of my quilting students.  I use a tablet PC laptop most often, similar to the tablet used by the designers on Project Runway, however, I do own several other tablet’s as well.

There are currently 3 types of tablets on the market these days (2012), and I do own all three types: 1)iPad or Android clone; 2) Tablet plug-in peripheral (ie. Wacom brand is one example); and a Tablet PC.

This spring, I will finally be teaching my tablet design class at StepOnPins.com.   I have delayed teaching this class due to the time it takes to turn an “in-person” class to an “online” class.  Like my Quilt Whisperer Online class, this class will be 3 weeks long, will have fun creative exercises, handouts, videos and lessons.  Plus the weekly live meeting where I answer student questions and draw out visual examples live.

The class will use Photoshop Elements (PSE), and I do require a working knowledge of PSE- or successful completion of the Pixeladies’ Intro to PSE for quilters, sewists, and fiber artists class at StepOnPins.com.  Need the Intro Class to PSE?  We will run this class one more time for students- including those students who really want to know how to design quilts, wholecloths, pantos, and other designs using a tablet and PSE.  Stay tuned for both classes….   Carla

8 thoughts on “A Few Quilt Designs From the Online Class

  1. The class was awesome, full of wonderful information.
    I hope you will let me know when the Pixeladies Intro class starts. I just got the Wacom Create with PSE 9. Looking forward to this class.

    • Hi Lenore, yes, you are now on the mailing list for classes. Thank you for your comments, and I enjoyed meeting you and having you in the recent class! Have fun with the new toy, you will certainly use it during the next PSE class by the Pixeladies.

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