eClass Starts Tomorrow!

Been putting the final touches on my online  Quilt Whisper class on quilt designing.  Registration closes next Friday, during the first week of class, but there is still room for a few more students. I can tell that the students in this class are excited to get going!  Here is a visual from one Creative Exercise:

I keep expanding this class each time I teach it, so there is lots of helpful quilting material in this class.  PDF lessons combined with video, handouts, live webinar meetings, and Creative Exercises. Custom drawn quilt tops, too.

It is almost time to hold my Blog Contest  drawing soon for the custom one-of-a-kind item created just for the winner.  The winner will have followed my directions for the contest in order to win.

Tablet Design class is under development, too, I am planning to teach this class in late February.   Registration for this class will begin in mid Feb.

On a personal note,  my three grandchildren are growing fast!  Jack is almost 4 now, Kate is almost 2, and Ethan is 8 1/2 months old now.   They are a delight to be around!   Life is good in the Barrett home, but I do need to pack up my Christmas decorations today.  Who else has their decorations still up?  LOL!

7 thoughts on “eClass Starts Tomorrow!

  1. Carla, I still have my decorations up because we have a gift exchange scheduled for later in the month with a family that was out of town for the Christmas break. I didn’t put them up too early, so they have not been up even a month yet!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Carla….no my Christmas stuff is all packed away, but it will be Christmas again be for we can say ‘ Quilting Stitches’….Ok so maybe not that quick! But you get my meaning.

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