Next Quilt Design Online Class Starts on Jan. 9th, 2012

Do you love quilting and quilting designs?  In my upcoming 3 week online class on quilting design, I teach my step-by-step process for how to more easily design quilts- no matter what your level is.

Quilt Whisperer Class Info and Course Description

How to Register for my Class

In class, you will learn how to take a cute quilt like this:

(quilt by Barbara Kiehn)

and learn how to design it like this example:

In addition to learning my method of “quilt whispering,” you also learn how to quilt sashings, borders and blocks using my favorite designs.

You also learn my favorite feather designs and variations, too.  Here is a sample from class:

We also discuss inspiration, and how to build your own quilting idea journal.  For instance,  my inspiration is from a yacht, the settee fabric:

   Next, is my quilting designs, inspired from the fabric:

More info is located at, where the class is being held.  Links are located at the top of this post.

By the way, I am also running a Free Blog Give-a-way Contest HERE.  The winner, who follows my 1-2-3 directions, will win their choice of one (1) custom Carla project, made especially for them, in their favorite colors.  Here are visuals of previous projects:

or or or or

Good Luck!  From Carla

4 thoughts on “Next Quilt Design Online Class Starts on Jan. 9th, 2012

    • Hi Teresa, This is a 3 week class starting on January 9th, 2012, however, students will have access to all course material, videos, handouts, etc., for an extra 6 months after the 3 weeks are over. (Look for my direct link in the above post.)

      This is a self study format, however, it also has creative exercises, a forum, class newsletter, video examples, and more! I have taught this class online or at shows to over 1000 students.

      What makes my classes special is you have my undivided attention for the 3 weeks during the class, plus I offer to design a quilt for students. We also have live meetings on GoToWebinar, and record the meeting for students who cannot attend.

      Hope this helps you! Regards, Carla

  1. I am very interested. I am a professional machine quilter, using a domestic machine, not a long arm. Do you think this is a worth while class for me? I am always looking for new quilting ideas and there is always more learning to do.

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